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Greg Moller has successfully completed jobs of all shapes and sizes, from small home renovations to major store fit-outs.

So if you need painting services that fit within that range give Greg a call!

Countless others in HERVEY BAY have, so why not join our list of happy clients .

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Walls, ceilings, architraves, skirting boards, doors - there's a different paint and a different technique for all of them, and we are the painting contractors who give each process the care and attention it requires.

As part of our comprehensive painting services in Hervey Bay, we can suggest an interior paint that matches the exact requirements of your room. We have everything from easy wash paints for high wear areas to mould resistant paints for bathrooms and other wet areas.


Hervey Bay

Exterior painting is just the same as interior, right? Wrong. The characteristics of exterior paints are very different to cope with extreme conditions, and these days there are more exterior paints than you can point a roller at! Textured finishes, UV protective coatings, graffiti and stain resistant paints - the list goes on!

At Greg Moller, helping you choose not just the colour but also the product to best suit your specific needs is all part of the service.

Paint Colours

Choosing your Colours

Colour choice has a strong impact on how we feel within a space, making it all the more important to get it right the first time. Matching new paint to existing furnishings can be tricky. You need a painting contractor who offers more than just passing advice on what will best complement your décor; someone who can help create the mood and style you are trying to achieve.

Starting from scratch? Ask about our complete interior decorating and painting services in HERVEY  BAY